Textiles are unique engineering materials with exceptional properties, not seen in other engineering materials. They have extremely high strength yet extremely low moduli. They can be stretched to large strains and can recover impressively by a large extent. They show intense degree of fatigue resistance. These properties make them suitable candidates for a variety of applications in aerospace, automobiles, civil construction, agriculture, water management, defence, filtration, sports and medical related areas to name a few.

Polymer Solutions for Electrospinning

Solution electrospinning is an emerging technology for manufacturing. A lot of effort is directed towards developing new applications by intensive research and development and commercialization of technology. However, performance of electrospinning is highly dependent on rheological properties of polymer solutions. Our decades of research has given us insight in developing polymer solutions specific to your need.

We provide polymer solutions which are designed to provide a desirable performance and fiber characteristics such as controllable nanofiber diameter and porosity, etc.



We have developed several products based on Aqua silver technology developed by SMITA Research Lab, IIT Delhi. This is a unique real silver based technology that has been shown to have extremely high antimicrobial activity and a very high stability in spray formulations.

Some of the products that the company has developed are:

  • Silver coated crepe bandages

  • Shoe protectant

  • Toilet cleaner and protector

  • Antimicrobial surface protector

Sensors for Electronic


Electronic textiles, which is also referred to as wearable textiles, is another major emerging area of technology.

It is expected to transform the way we look at textiles and use textiles.

We are developing solutions for patients and sportsmen using textile based sensors

Nanofinishes for Functional Textiles

The application of textiles is expanding rapidly and is finding new venues. Nanotechnology is helping in realising novel textile materials with functionalities suitable for such applications.

We have been exploring the role of nanotechnology in transforming textiles into the next generation materials. In collaboration with SMITA Research Lab several such nanofinishes have been developed and many novel finishes are being developed. Contact us with your requirement.

Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Technology

Atmospheric pressure plasma is an emerging area of technology that offers environmentally friendly processing of textiles and other substrates.

We are, in collaboration with SMITA Research Lab, developing a prototype machine that can be used for inline processing of textiles at Industrial scale.

High Performance & Functional Fibres

Several technical textile applications require fibres with exceptional properties. These include high strength and impact fibres, flame retardant fibres, camouflaged fibres, cool fibres, conducting fibres, etc.

We at Incipient Materials are constantly looking at imparting such properties into fibres for specialized applications.